How did Chilton County vote?

Published 9:45 am Wednesday, December 13, 2017

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

Chilton County voters came out largely in support of Republican candidate Roy Moore with 7,555 (75.66 percent) votes and 2,298 (23.01 percent) for Democratic candidate Doug Jones in the Special General Election on Dec. 12.

Write in votes accounted for 132 (1.32 percent) of local votes.

According to results on the Alabama Secretary of State website, 35.42 percent of registers voters actually cast a ballot.

However, a number of Chilton County voters used the Straight Party Voting option, where a voter marks a party preference on the ballot and does not vote for specific candidates. According to local election results, 2,626 Republican Straight Party ballots were cast and 989 Democrat Straight Party ballots were cast.

When a voter chooses the Straight General Election option, it casts a vote for the candidate of that party.

The results of the Special General Election are in and Jones has been elected U.S. Senator for Alabama.

Jones received 49.92 percent of the vote, while Moore received 48.38 percent.

Write in candidates accounted for 1.69 percent.