CCHS getting upgrades thanks to grant

Published 11:12 am Wednesday, December 13, 2017


By CHANEL BINGHAM / Special to the Advertiser

Christmas came early for the students and faculty of Chilton County High School. Earlier this month, they were notified of a $25,000 grant being awarded to their school by the State Board of Education.

Career Preparedness teacher and chair of the grant writing committee, Kayla Cantley, called the grant an unexpected surprise.

“I wrote Governor Ivey at the suggestion of a parent that visited our school during one of Chilton County High School’s Open Door Wednesday events. In the letter, I expressed how much we care about our school and our need for aesthetic improvements,” Cantley said. “We are central to the county and we welcome a lot of visitors, so we want to project a good image for our students and community,” said Cantley. “I really didn’t think anything would come from it. She (Governor Ivey) responded the same week by letter, stating that she sent my request to the appropriate person at the State Board of Education.”

Upon returning from the Thanksgiving break, Cantley received an email response from the State Department informing her of their decision to award the grant.

“I was completely blown away to think that we were going to receive such an amazing gift to improve our school,” she said. “I try my best to encourage students to be mindful of the things people do for them. It’s important they recognize that the community cares about them, and this is a huge effort in that. They are able to see that people are investing in them.”

Chilton County High School Principal Ron Pinson shared the good news with parents and teachers at a recent PTO meeting. He expressed both excitement and gratitude, and provided a plan for use of the funds.

Much of the money will go toward painting the interior of the school, dropping the ceiling in the hallways to cover exposed piping and wiring, and increasing and improving lighting throughout the hallways.

Once the funds are processed through the local board of education, work can begin on improvements. Pinson said he is hopeful the projects can be completed over the Christmas break.

As for Cantley, she is currently working on several other grant requests in continued efforts to improve the school. She is grateful for the generosity of the SBOE and appreciates their willingness to invest in Chilton County.

“This money is going to go so far and do so many wonderful things for our school and our students,” she said. “I am so very appreciative of Governor Ivey and the State Department for seeing the value in our students and teachers, and investing further in their educational environment and success.”