Open Door Wednesdays focus on student leadership and community awareness

Published 3:04 pm Wednesday, December 6, 2017

By JOYANNA LOVE/Senior Staff Writer

Chilton County High School has created a new way for the community to learn about the school through Open Door Wednesdays.

The program is offered one Wednesday a month and includes a tour of various classrooms led by Student Ambassadors.

Participants during the Dec. 6 event were able to visit career preparedness, science and math classes in addition to a general tour of common areas, like the cafeteria and hallways.

Attendees were also able to talk to science students as they dissected rabbits.

The tour starts in the library with a brief introduction to some of the Student Ambassadors as they give highlights about the school.

“It gives us an opportunity to open our doors and allow the community to come in and see what we are doing,” Principal Ron Pinson said. “We are trying to develop, not only the academic student, bettering their skills at math and reading, but we are also trying to develop a well-rounded person when they graduate. We are trying to develop leaders who can apply those skills and get good jobs.”

The Student Ambassadors were recommended by teachers and then completed an interview and essay before a final selection was made. Sophomore Isabella Pearce said the essay focused on what the student would want to change about CCHS. Narrowing down what to include in the essay was a challenge, Sophomore Isabella Pearce said.

Pearce said wanted to join the program because she felt being involved at school was important and it would be a good preparation for college.

“I’ve gotten closer to most of the teachers and some of the students,” Pearce said.

Freshman Isalyn Barnett said she joined the program because “I wanted to show leadership for all my friends … and my sisters who are coming up here.”

“I like that people look up to you when they see that you are standing up and being a leader to represent the school,” Barnett said.

Senior Tristan Pinson said the program was a good preparation for his goal of joining the military.

“Its something that you do that’s very noble … I feel honored to do it,” Pinson said.

Student Ambassador President Tanner Staggs wanted to join to be a representative of the school in the community and “increase support for our school, whether that be physically with attendance by parents at events or financially.”

Staggs said he enjoyed talking to community leaders and businesses about the school and handing out information about the school. The Ambassadors participated in this activity on a day school was dismissed early.

Vice President Phillip Guin said he wanted to “have an impact and help teachers out” by being an Ambassador. He said this involves finding out what students want in order to improve about the school and their learning.

Guin said the areas where students would like to see changes are “practical — like dress code, cell phone policy … and a way to connect to our teachers better.”

He said using Google Classroom has given students this connection outside of class time with teachers and get grades quicker.

Upcoming dates for Open Door Wednesday are Jan. 10, Feb. 7 and