Jemison approves bid for water tank refurbishes

Published 11:41 am Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Jemison City Council approved a bid for sandblasting and repainting construction on the interiors and exteriors of two water tanks on County Roads 42 and 42 East during a meeting on Dec. 4.

The bid is for $509,700, to be paid over a period of time.

“It’s a long time in coming,” Mayor Eddie Reed said. “This is something that has to be done… The tanks have to be refurbished every 10 to 15 years. These two are overdue.”

Reed said that while the interiors of the tank are most important, the exteriors must be “up to code” also.

The bid was passed unanimously, all councilmen present.

Also during the meeting, the council approved amending the 2017-18 Budget to include $31,000 for replacing a sewage pump for the Jemison Elementary School.

“It’s something we’re going to have to live with,” Reed said, commenting that the action is in consideration of more than 100 Jemison families serviced by the system. “There’s no way around it,” he said.

Reed said future replacements of other Jemison sewer pumps would benefit Exit 219 businesses, and Councilman Rex Bittle said the revenue from the new pumps would help “pay for it.”

In other proceedings:

  • The council approved a low bid with B. H. Craig Construction for $53,900, to upgrade the Jemison Sewage Plant.
  • The council approved $12,000, when funds are available, for a CDC Engineering Environment study for a deep water supply well. Reed said funds might be available after April or May 2018.
  • The council approved introduction of a resolution to apply for a grant that would help upgrade downtown Jemison streetscape, particularly sidewalks and pedestrian lighting. The match grant would not be due for about two years, after the completion of the project. Reed said the resolution is a “proactive” measure to explore what funds might feasibly be available to the city through the grant. The city can still “say no” to the grant if it is found to be infeasible, according to Reed.
  • Reed thanked the Jemison Lions Club and everyone else who contributed to the fun and safety of the Jemison Christmas Parade on Dec. 2.
  • Chilton County United Way representative Yolanda Boggs requested permission to campaign for Jemison municipalities’ payroll deduction donations to the nonprofit. The council welcomed Boggs and United Way, and Reed said no permission was necessary.
  • Councilmen entered an executive discussion around 6:40 p.m.