Farmhouse Café’s liquor license application approved

Published 6:08 pm Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Town of Thorsby approved Farmhouse Café’s application for a liquor license during its Nov. 20 meeting.

The decision was made following a public hearing and executive session.

According to Farmhouse Café owner Tiffany Collins Hammock, the plan is to only sell alcohol on Saturday night to go with the possibility of karaoke.

“We’re still going to be family-oriented, we’ll just be selling alcohol,” Hammock said.

Those stating a case against the sale of alcohol included the Rev. William Kee representing Collins Chapel Baptist Church in Jemison and the Rev. Marc Hodges from Thorsby First Baptist Church, who was speaking as a concerned citizen and not on behalf of the church.

“I serve the broken of alcohol,” Kee said.

According to Kee, there is a uniqueness of a town that monitors itself by values, but said he also understands the need that small businesses are faced with.

Both Kee and Hodges made it clear that they had a good relationship with Hammock and would be in for breakfast at the Farmhouse Café the next day regardless of the council’s final decision.

Hammock made it known of her intentions to only serve alcohol one day a week and had gathered research from both customer feedback and financial sense for the business.

“It weighed on my mind for months and there were some sleepless nights,” Hammock said. “It’s no longer personal, but it’s business. If a liquor license helps me keeping the lights on for another year, then I choose to do that.”

Councilman Marvin Crumpton questioned the affect it would have on other businesses possibly following suit?

However, Hammock stated that in the case of the Farmhouse Café, alcohol would be monitored closely and only served during dinner hours on Saturday. No bartenders will be hired.

The application for a liquor license was approved with Councilwoman Marilyn Collins abstaining from the vote.

The next step in the process for the Farmhouse Café is to take the approval letter from the town to the state so that it can be verified, before bringing it once again to the town to make it official.

In other news from the meeting:

  • It has been a very “busy” month according to Police Chief Lee Gunn. The Thorsby Fire Department has responded to four structure fires in November. To put it into perspective, there have been 10 structure fires during the year, including those four.
  • According to Public Works Director Terry Jackson, the town has started the process of laying water lines to provide fire protection for Pit Street and Indiana Avenue. The plan is for fire hydrant will be installed at the top of the hill on Pit Street with another hydrant added next year as part of phase two of the project.
  • The Town Council approved to accept the mediation agreement between the Town of Thorsby and the City of Jemison pertaining to a water purchase contract. The agreement is awaiting the City of Jemison’s approval.
  • The minutes were approved from the Nov. 6 council meeting.
  • It was approved to pay the bills and transfer the funds.