Jemison budget “in awesome shape” for 2018

Published 3:00 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Mayor Eddie Reed described the 2018 fiscal budget for the City of Jemison as being “in awesome shape,” at a city council meeting on Nov. 6.

Reed commended City Clerk Sylvia Singleton, her staff and the city council for their work in devising the plan.

“Councilmen, I’m glad to report that the end of Sept. 30, 2016-2017 fiscal year ended with a $91,408 more of the budget than was added. It just doesn’t get any better than that,” Reed said. “It happened because of the scrutiny the council asks of us and the staff that worked to make sure this happened. Almost $100,000 over — and that’s joy.”

Reed said in light of this remaining amount, the future budget is looking even “greater” since the remaining funds have set the city ahead in its budgeting.

Councilman Rex Bittle said the surplus is the result of a “wise balance” between controlling costs and handling funds internally while growing at the same time.

“When those two things happen together, it’s obviously why we’re in such a positive position,” Bittle said, describing the balanced action as last-minute.

Reed said maintaining “strictness” in frugal handling of city funds will best help the city moving forward.

Councilman Robert Morris said the budget is a “great improvement” from prior years when there had been no surplus.

“We need a surplus to work out of,” Morris said. “We don’t need to go to the bottom. We’ve been there and we all know that.”

The council discussed an informal goal to reach a surplus three months ahead of the budget, emphasized by Councilman George Brasher.

“October, November has blown my mind,” Reed said. “I’m very surprised at the way things are going. We’re way beyond the budget notes that we predicted.”

In other business, Reed reported the following updates:

  • All paperwork and bids are “out” for two water tanks. A bid opening for the tanks will take place at a soon but unreleased date.
  • Funding is available for a sewer plant upgrade.
  • Paperwork is in the works for a fire station in Jemison.

An executive discussion commenced around 6:15 p.m. to discuss “litigations with attorney,” but no actions were taken. The meeting adjourned afterward.