Two arrested on drug trafficking charges

Published 12:06 pm Monday, October 30, 2017


A traffic stop near Eighth Street and 16th Avenue in Clanton on Oct. 25 resulted in two arrests after 1.02 pounds of “Spice” and “an unusual amount of U.S. currency” was recovered from the vehicle’s occupants, according to the Clanton Police Department.

Both suspects were taken into custody at the Chilton County jail.

Callente Vantiga Browder, 24, and Jarrett Kevar Parker, 37, are charged with drug trafficking and attempting to elude police, both with $750 and $15,000 bonds respectively.

Parker, who was driving the vehicle, is additionally charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs with a $750 bond.

Parker has since been released on professional surety.

Cpt. David Clackley of the CPD said that during pursuit of the individuals, “When Cpl. Wilson attempted to stop the vehicle, the occupants threw out a large bag prior to stopping. Once the vehicle stopped, the passenger in the vehicle (Browder) fled on foot.”

Browder was apprehended several blocks away, and Spice was discovered inside the discarded bag, Clackley said.

Spice can be described as synthetic marijuana, generating similar but often more harmful and intense psychoactive effects for users, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens.

Clackley said a specific amount to the currency discovered in the suspects’ possession, believed to be related to drug trafficking, has not been released.