Pumpkin picking fun at Penton Farms

Published 3:31 pm Friday, October 27, 2017

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

The crisp morning air gave the day a true autumn feel when Clanton Elementary School first-grade students visited the Penton Farms Pumpkin Patch on Oct. 27.

Students enjoyed learning about agriculture and animals during presentations at the farm. Each had an opportunity to practice their cow milking skills on model cows and harvest pretend fruits and vegetables in Pop’s garden.

Teacher Meredith Aldridge said her students enjoyed milking the “cow” and seeing the real farm animals.

“I love watching the kids and seeing their faces when they get to the pumpkin patch and … the different experiences when they come here,” Aldridge said.

Students learned about chickens and rabbits and had the opportunity to pet a cow in the animal area.

Student Harper Cleckley said she liked the cow best.

“I liked the corn maze because corn is probably my favorite food,” student Avery Williams said.

The corn maze was also favorite for many, rivaled only perhaps by getting to choose a pumpkin from the rows of orange and white.

Avery Williams looked for a good size pumpkin that still had enough of the stem to serve as a handle.

Student Dameaquinn Williams Jr. said he wanted a big pumpkin. He liked the one he finally chose because it was light.

He said the favorite part for him was the corn.

Co-owner Rachel Penton said the farm enjoys have the school trips come out to the pumpkin patch.

“Schools are great because during the week it helps us sustain” the pumpkin patch when other people cannot come, Penton said.

“We enjoy the school kids,” Penton said. “We enjoy educating them about the farm.”

Penton Farms has focused on keeping everything at the pumpkin patch farm-themed.