Prescription drug Take Back Day is Oct. 28

Published 3:14 pm Monday, October 23, 2017


National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is Oct. 28, and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at CVS Pharmacy in Clanton, the Clanton Police Department will be collecting expired or unused prescription drugs for proper disposal.

Sgt. Robert Bland of the CPD said the Take Back program is nationwide and sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

In a “strictly” voluntary effort to better serve the people of Chilton County, the CPD has partnered with the DEA program since 2013, according to Bland.

“It gives the opportunity for narcotics and drugs to be turned over to a law enforcement agency, so that way, one, it doesn’t get back out to the streets, and two, that people are not disposing of it wrong,” Bland said.

Improper disposal can result in harm to both the environment and people.

“If you flush it and stuff like that, it’s possible that the chemicals in the drugs can get back into the water table,” Bland said.

Last year, the CPD collected approximately 70 pounds of medication during the Take Back Day, Bland said.

“Prescription medications, over the counter — we’ve had people turn in needles before. We’ve had people turn in all kinds of stuff,” Bland said.

Bland said pharmacies have been helpful in circulating the word that Take Back Day offers opportunity for safe and proper disposal of narcotics.

“Our biggest thing is we don’t want to see the stuff somehow or another get back on the street,” Bland said, explaining that some people save old medication, which become frequent targets of home break-ins.

“We just want to make sure and give everyone the best opportunity to come and turn it in, that way they don’t have to worry about it,” Bland said.