New Life drama team sharing hope

Published 5:02 pm Friday, September 29, 2017


Three Strands Drama team from New Life Community Church enjoys performing a variety of dramas to a variety of community groups.

Students who gathered at the Clanton Middle School flagpole for See You At The Pole on Sept. 27 were one such special audience to the drama team.

Drama Leader Amanda Giles said the group of nine drama team members, which was only a portion of the approximate 30 total members of the team, performed a drama called “Activity 06.”

Giles said Three Strands Drama performs several types of dramas. Some are original and some are not, some are more dance focused, and still others focus on depicting a story.

The team’s performance of “Activity 06” was not an original drama.

But it was powerful.

“It was basically trying to portray a story of someone that struggles with different things in their life,” Giles said, explaining the struggles were symbolic of any difficulty or sin in people’s lives.

Giles said the team depicted Christ’s death on the cross, expressing how His sacrifice made a way to establish a relationship with the protagonist, offering grace and freedom.

Giles said the members who performed at the middle school included three students of CMS and six students of Chilton County High School.

Three Strands Drama consists of 7th to 12th graders from across the county, Giles said.

Giles said the drama team shares New Life Community Church’s passion for serving people.

Three Strands Drama has performed in nursing homes, for SCA in schools, and even annually in Honduras, Giles said.

“Our church,” Giles said, “we love to look for opportunities where we can help serve the community, and really just get information out about what we love to do and that we would love for them to even visit our church.”

For more information about New Life Community Church, or to watch a video of Three Strands Drama performing at CMS, visit the church’s Facebook page.