Waking up the good news

Published 4:39 pm Thursday, September 28, 2017


In preparation of this column, I searched current news sources online. As perhaps should be expected, but I still found baffling, is the dominating ‘bad news’ headlines dense on the web pages.

Where is the good news?

It may be that bad news is more prevalent. It may be that bad news baits a human curiosity and hunger for intrigue. Or it may be that bad news is simply more newsworthy — but even here, I find myself circling back to the previous possibility.

So often ‘good’ current events go unreported, and in turn, uncelebrated.

Is this fueling negativity?

As a reporter, I am thankful for a demographic that tends to regard good news and bad news with a fairly equal balance.

The people of Chilton County celebrate and support each other well.

They gather at community events honoring accomplishments and benefitting good causes, they provide aid and relief to local and distant individuals in need, and they even supply local law enforcement with information needed during investigations to help ensure the safety and security of the community.

And they do so gladly.

In the times the current world revolves in, it is far too easy to focus on and, even worse, dwell upon the bad news. It’s no foundation to stand upon. Two temptations arise from the rubble of a crumbling world: The temptation to be miserable and the temptation to fear.

Love can overcome both. Both start with us.

Misery stills our motion to move forward into a life brimming with opportunities for good deeds to paint the world brighter — even just our own world, to start with.

Fear cripples our capacity to hope, but hope breathes promises of restoration and redemption upon the broken world.

Misery and fear rock a person into sleepy complacency.

Love awakens.

Pursuing a love that sprouts within awakens and fosters the hope and goodness the world so longs to return to. It leads to extended grace and life both abundant and eternal.

So, keep it up, Chilton County. It’s a joy to write your stories and share in a hope that extends even beyond your borders.

That’s good news for everyone.