County food was sampled and showcased

Published 7:43 pm Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Chilton County cuisine was highlighted during the inaugural Taste of Chilton on Sept. 18.

It was a true representation of the county with more than 20 food vendors on hand including restaurants, catering companies and bakeshops.

No matter which way a person’s taste buds may have leaned, there was something just for them with a variety of food to choose from.

Senior Connection was the site of the event and was packed with people. The line for food wrapped through the building, as people anxiously waited to sample some of the best foods that Chilton County had to offer.

“We couldn’t have done it without Senior Connection,” said Roger Yeargan, Rotary Club of Chilton County president.

The Taste of Chilton was co-sponsored with the Rotary Club and Senior Connection sharing an equal partnership.

The money raised will be an even split between the two organizations and will go back into the community. Senior Connection will use the money toward their bus fund, while the Rotary Club will donate their portion of the money to organizations that help those in need in Chilton County.

“It’s meeting and exceeding [expectations] for the first time we’ve ever done it,” Yeargan said.

Yeargan estimated about 250 people attended the event.

“It brings a sense of togetherness to the community as well as business owners helping other businesses out,” Texas Steakhouse general manager Luke Henry said.

Most vendors brought some of their most popular items for people to try at the event.

Texas Steakhouse brought three of its most ordered menu items with wings, chopped steak and fried pickles.

“You have people that may or may not have heard about you,” Henry said. “It’s wonderful exposure and we’re also raising money for a good cause.”

Henry is already eyeing coming back as a vendor for next year’s event.

Rachel Rachels and Joan Spiess operate a catering business called Southern Sweets Inc.

Such an event has the opportunity to benefit a catering company at different levels of exposure than a restaurant, which has a physical storefront.

“It’s all about making more of those connections,” Spiess said.

According to Rachels, they have begun implementing more home grown recipes from what they raise on their farms.

Many of the dishes they featured had local produce from either their farm or other farms in the area.

“We try to make everything from scratch and we wanted to have something that was different and memorable for those who walked by,” Rachels said.

The Rotary Club is an international organization with more than 34,000 clubs in more than 200 countries throughout the world.

Both Senior Connection and the Rotary Club are always looking for residents of Chilton County who are looking to join or helping in the organizations’ efforts.

For interest in joining the Rotary Club of Chilton County call Roger Yeargan at (205) 351-1913 and for Senior Connection call (205) 755-8227.