Clanton Fire Department incident report for the week of September 18

Published 8:09 am Monday, September 18, 2017

The following is an incident report from the Clanton Fire Department from August 30-September 12:



August 30

-Electrical Fire: 2200 Block of County Road 18 West.

-Fall: 500 Block of Enterprise Road.

-Fall: 1400 Block of 7th Street South.

-Childbirth: 600 Block of Studdard Drive.


August 31

-Fall: 3000 Block of 7th Street North.

-Public Assist: 400 Block of Thrash Road.


September 1

-Chest Pain: 100 Block of 2nd Avenue South.

-Extremity Injury: 300 Block of 3rd Avenue South.

-Chest Pain: 100 Block of Marie Street.

-Blood Pressure Check: 300 Block of Arby Drive.

-Altered Mental Status: 200 Block of Willis Circle.

-Assault: 1300 block of 4th Avenue South.


September 2

-Fall: 20 Block of 5th Avenue South

-General Illness: 100 Block of Lilly Street

-Motor Vehicle Accident: I-65 212 Mile Marker South Bound.

-Odor Investigation: I-65 208 Mile Marker North Bound.

-Blood Pressure Check: 900 Block of Greasy Ridge Road.


September 3

-Motor Vehicle Accident: New Harmony Road.

-Fire Alarm: 300 Block of Smith Street.

-Diabetic Emergency: 900 Block of Frances Circle.

-Public Assist: 700 Block of 16th Avenue North.

-General Illness: 3800 Block of Old Henry Road.

-Abdominal Pain: 800 Block of Enterprise Road.


September 4

-Bleeding, Non-Traumatic: 200 Block of 8th Street North.

-Difficulty Breathing: 200 Block of Health Center Drive.

-Motor Vehicle Accident: I-65 208 Exit South Bound.

-Unresponsive: 1400 Block of Glenn Road.

-Fall: 3000 Block of 7th Street North.


September 5

-Abdominal Pain: 2000 Block of 7th Street South.

-Structure Fire: 700 Block of Cone Circle.

-Seizure: Lake Mitchell Road and Thrash Road.

-Motor Vehicle Accident: 7th Street South and Woodfin Lane.


September 6

-Chest Pain: 1800 Block of 2nd Avenue North

-Fire Alarm: 200 Block of Health Center Drive

-Difficulty Breathing: 100 Block of Thompson Avenue

-General Illness: 2600 Block of Lay Dam Road


September 7

-Fire Alarm: 2000 Block of Lay Dam Road.

-Fall: 200 Block of Thompson Avenue.

-Public Assist: I-65 208 Exit North Bound.

-Assault: 3900 Block of 7th Street North.

-Altered Mental Status: 100 Block of Medical Center Drive.

-Fall: 100 Block of Ollie Avenue.

-Extremity Injury: 400 Block of 1st Avenue.

-Blood Pressure Check: 100 Block of Arthur Drive.

-Abdominal Pain: 1000 Block of Bell Lane.


September 8

-Bleeding, Non-Traumatic: 1400 Block of 4th Avenue South.

-Chest Pain: 500 Block of Grant Street.

-Public Assist: 1600 Block of Kincheon Road.

-Motor Vehicle Accident: 1st Avenue and 7th Street.

-Overdose: 300 Block of City Street.

-Seizure: 200 Block of Frances Avenue.


September 9

-Chest Pain: 200 Block of Liberty Street South.

-Fall: 100 Block of Friendship Road.

-Chest Pain: 200 Block of 1st Street North.

-Fall: 900 Block of 1st Avenue.

-Stroke: 2800 Block of 7th Street North.

-Seizure: 2200 Block of 7th Street South.


September 10

-Seizure: 1500 Block of Westlyn Avenue.

-Fall: 900 Block of Lake Mitchell Road.

-General Illness: 1100 Block of Trilliam Lane.


September 11

-Public Assist: 900 Block of Lake Mitchell Road.

-Power Pole Fire: 1300 Block of 2nd Avenue North.

-Altered Mental Status: 600 Block of 1st Avenue.


September 12

-Difficulty Breathing: 100 Block of Cedarbrook Drive.

-Altered Mental Status: 100 Block of Medical Center Drive.