Roads continue to be a concern

Published 3:05 pm Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Road conditions were a popular topic during the Chilton County Commission meeting on Sept. 11.

Resident Jennifer Liveoak spoke to the Commission about the deteriorating conditions on County Road 85.

She mentioned the various potholes and patch jobs along the road that create a rough ride for both vehicle and driver.

Commissioner Joseph Parnell informed Liveoak and the large crowd in attendance that the funds for repaving county roads is very limited and does not allow for many options.

Liveoak compared the local road conditions to Alabaster and Prattville, but Parnell stated that the difference is that both of those areas have the benefit of a county sales tax, while Chilton County does not.

According to Parnell, he prides himself in being a conservative and does not like raising taxes, but at some point “you get what you pay for.”

Resident Ricky Patterson was next up and addressed the commission about closing County Road 733, which he deemed as dangerous.

Commission Chairman Allen Caton told Patterson there is no action that can be taken at the moment, because the county has been advised by their attorney to not close any roads until current statewide litigation is settled.

Several members from the Higgins Ferry community were on hand and requested the forming of a committee to work closely with the commission to monitor conditions. Park and recreation director Gerald Arrington will head the committee along with Commissioners Greg Moore and Jimmie Hardee and county engineer Tony Wearren.

Higgins Ferry remained the focus, as Karen Cagle spoke on behalf of residents from County Roads 711, 712, 713 and 28 about the speed bumps at Higgins Ferry Campground.

Cagle brought forth a petition with 43 signatures asking that the speed bumps be removed.

She said the four large speed bumps were not necessary and other options, such as larger signage, could have been implemented instead.

Hardee had initially raised concern about the area and people running the stop signs to the commission in a previous meeting and stated to Cagle that the decision to add speed bumps was done with safety in mind.

No action was taken to remove the speed bumps.


In other news from the meeting:

  • The commission approved a resolution by Wearren to amend a resolution made on March 28, 2016 to have County Road 51, as the next federal aid project extend to County Road 44.
  • Steven Miller was added to the road department’s payroll at a rate of $14 per hour, effective Sept. 4.
  • Michael Madrid was hired as part-time with sheriff’s department at a rate of $10 per hour, effective Sept. 12.
  • Joshua Henson was hired as part-time with sheriff’s department at a rate of $10 per hour, effective Sept. 12.
  • Jennifer Davenport was hired as full-time with sheriff’s department at a rate of $13.19 per hour, effective Sept. 12.
  • The commission approved a resolution from 911 director Dan Wright to take back control of the land in front of the jail.
  • The commission will discuss the budget and aggressive animal bill during a work session on Sept. 18.
  • County administrator Crista Madden was added to the commission office’s bank account and Terry Sims was removed from the account.
  • Terry Sims was reclassified as staff accountant.
  • The commission went into an executive session to follow up on a letter received from the department of justice.