Fall sports clinic to provide services to players

Published 1:58 pm Thursday, August 24, 2017


By EMILY REED / Special to the Advertiser

A new service will be available at St. Vincent’s Chilton during Fridays this fall for those in need of treatment for sports-related injuries.


“We are very excited about being able to provide this service to the community, and take advantage of the wonderful facility that this community helped build, the hospital,” said Doctor James Worthen, a board certified, Fellowship-0trained surgeon, who will run the clinic each Friday night. “We will run our clinic in the outpatient clinic of the hospital on Friday nights during the fall. This will be geared toward acute injuries occurring during football games. We will have a number to call for those coming to the clinic, so we can be better prepared to treat their specific needs.”

Worthen said injuries commonly treated from football related injuries include shoulder and knee injuries including sprains and contusions (minor with quick return to the field) to more serious season ending injuries such as shoulder dislocations, ACL tears, and broken collar bones.

“We will provide treatments to patients such as splinting, imaging with X-rays, CT, and MRI, crutches, braces and close follow-up,” Worthen said.

One piece of equipment Worthen said he would like to see introduced or improved to help football players avoid injuries is the helmet.

“The helmet will continue to improve as our understanding of head injuries and materials advance,” Worthen said. “It is important to be evaluated by a medical professional trained in these types of injuries to determine the return to play as soon as possible. If an injury is not known about and the child returns to play, some minor injuries can become major season ending injuries. Having a quick diagnosis and treatment can get the athlete back on the field to help his or her team.”

According to Worthen’s medical practice website, he is committed to provide the highest quality of orthopedic care possible.

“Along with the treatment of immediate or chronic problems, he strives to integrate the doctrine of prevention in all his treatment plans as a way to alleviate possible future difficulties,” according to the website.

The clinic will be open each Friday night during the fall from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and those in need of immediate services can call (205) 572-4088 to alert those at the clinic they will be en route or in need of services.

Worthen encourages those involved in sports, including football, to prepare both physically and mentally prior to the season to help avoid injuries.

“By developing strength and skills, an athlete can prevent man injuries,” Worthen said. “Educating athletes on proper techniques is also part of this prevention.”