C&C Trophy leaves footprint in the community

Published 3:23 pm Friday, July 7, 2017

After 20 years in business Danny and Tim Carter, the owners of C&C Trophy, have never forgotten the reason for their continued success.

The support of their customers is something that they acknowledge by helping provide support of their own any way that they can within the community.

In some form or fashion C&C Trophy or the Carters have had a hand in the majority of events that take place in Chilton County throughout the year.

C&C Trophy is part of the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce and is a major contributor each year to the Peach Jam.

“The good Lord has taken care of me, and as long as I keep doing it this way, I think he still will,” Danny Carter said. “It’s just the right thing to do.”

Even if they do not directly donate to an event or a cause, there is a good chance that some of their handiwork will be present in the form of signage.

Danny Carter is a member of the Evening Lions Club, Masonic Lodge and is a Shriner. His brother Tim is also a Shriner and a Mason with his membership in Jemison.

“The first year I came back to town (1996) I used to go to Thorsby and work the concession stand during the Little League baseball and softball games,” Danny Carter said.

The Carters originally opened a framing shop in a strip mall in south Clanton in 1996 and eventually added trophies and signs as available products a year later.

Around 2001 C&C Trophy moved to its current location at 209 6th St. N. in downtown Clanton.

Just as the name of the business implies, C&C Trophy & Sign Inc. specializes in making just about any trophy or sign that a customer can think of.

“We’ve always tried to give people their money’s worth” Danny Carter said.

According to Danny Carter, when he and his brother Tim started the business they had no idea what to charge. In order to get an idea he asked around to other sign businesses in the area.

“They were charging so much, that I couldn’t believe it,” Danny Carter said. “I was charging half of what they were and I was making money.”

The design staff at C&C Trophy consists of four members, all of which were in high school when they started working for the business. Three of the four are currently attending Jefferson State Community College in Clanton.

According to Danny Carter, it is a big deal for his employees to see signs around town that they had a hand in creating.

“They can see their accomplishments when they go out with friends,” Danny Carter said. “They do it all from start to finish.”

For more information about the business call (205) 755-1504 or email cctrophy@bellsouth.net.