Stereos sizzle at June audio competition

Published 11:43 am Thursday, June 29, 2017

By EMILY REED / Special to the Advertiser

Organizers of the first Pounding the Peach event, where stereos and speakers on vehicles go head to head to see what produces the best sound, say due to the event’s success, it will return in the fall.

“We were really impressed with how things turned out,” said David Price, who helped organize the event. “We heard from a lot of different people that they really enjoyed the event, and they wanted to see more.”

A total of 39 competitors showed up on June 17 to Stokes Automotive in Clanton with the ultimate goal of seeing who could be the loudest.

Sound systems were tested using a Termlab Magnum for SPL (sound pressure level) measuring.

“We had people come from all over,” David Price said. “Some of the people had never been to Chilton County, and a lot of the big competitors that attend competitions throughout the United States were surprised and impressed with how well everything was set up here. They were shocked this was the first time we had held an event like this. We had about 150 to 200 people show up to the event, which we were really pleased with.”

Nathan Price, who also organized the event with his dad, said interest in the hobby is continuing to grow.

“There were some that came to the event that had never attended anything like this, but after coming and seeing what it was all about, they are now going to get into it,” Nathan Price said.

Nathan Price first became interested in car stereos at the age of 16 when his dad gave him his stereo that was about 17 years old.

Now the two are able to enjoy working on something together, and look forward to future competitions being held in Chilton County.

Nathan Price said the winner of the first place category in the largest class busted his windshield when the sound in his vehicle reached 157 decibels.

“It was awesome to watch, and we are glad the guy was willing to sacrifice his windshield for the competition,” Nathan Price said.

For future updates regarding upcoming competitions, visit “Southern Soundlabs” on Facebook.

A complete list of the winners in each category are listed below:


Novice 0-500w

Chris Watkins: 133.65

-Alex Meeks: 128.22


Novice 501-1,000w

-Jody Britney: 138.96

-Rachel Brasher: 138.26

-Nicholas Phelps: 137.13

-Josh Wallin: 134.92

-Hunter Hayes: 132.39


No Wall 0-3,000w

-BJ: 148.44

-Nathan Price: 143.86

-Dustin Thrower: 142.93

-Daniel Vance: 142.06

-Micque Jones: 141.17

-Allen Dubose: 141.00

-Cory Williams: 140.74

-Hunter Hall: 138.54

-Brandon Fuller: 137.78

-Tony Pearson: 135.33


No Wall 3,001-6,000w

Drew Vogler: 151.91

-Tyler Hamm: 147.96

-DJ: 147.23

-Randall Conwell: 147.06

-Jeremy Smith: 146.32

-Kevin Terry: 142.11


No Wall 6000w

-Clarence Curtis: 148.07


Truck 0-3,000w

-Tanner Hudson: 136.69

-Mike Cobern: 135.85

-Trent Jones: 131.80


Trunk 0-3,000w

-Kevin Kotke: 139.59

-Josh Grier: 137.49


Trunk 3,001-6,000w

-Jason Mcdaniel: 141.65


Trunk 6,000w+

-Daron Ruebin: 140.88


Wall 0-6,000w

-Mack Smith: 150.77

-Keith Dubose: 146.77

-Madison Greene: 146.22

-Austin Crowder: 139.88


Wall 9,000w+

-Auston Owens: 157.46

-Justin Postma: 155.39

-Roderick Escott: 155.13

-Bryan Browning: 150.15