Camp introduces sewing to kids

Published 3:33 pm Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A beginners sewing camp was hosted by Alabama 4-H at the Chilton County Extension Office on June 27-28.

It was the third year in a row that the camp took place and served as an introductory course focused on teaching the basics of sewing to kids.

“There is a handful that have sewn before, but for the most part they have never sat in front of a sewing machine before,” volunteer Paula Blevins-Russell said.

Twelve kids took part in the two-day camp, which featured a pair of projects that included designing a bookmark and a banner made out of a t-shirt.

Blevins-Russell helped lead the direction of the camp along with Treasia Bennett and several other volunteers.

According to Blevins-Russell, the class started off talking about safety and introducing them to their tools. Getting familiar with a sewing machine was one of the first steps.

After a practice period sewing straight lines and pivots for the first part of day one, the class jumped right into working on their first creation, a bookmark. Day two was all about making pennants.

“They can make as many as they want,” Blevins-Russell said. “Some will make one and others will finish three. It just depends.”

The campers were able to take home everything that they made on both days.

“They are very proud of what they accomplish here,” Bennett said.

The art of sewing is something that has appeared to have captured the attention of the younger generation as yet another form to express their creativity.

“It seems to skip a generation,” Blevins-Russell said. “Our kids didn’t seem interested in it, but now it is their kids who seem to be gaining interest. You can do exactly what you want to and make it your own.”

Alabama 4-H offers a monthly sewing club throughout the school year that they can continue their progress.

“If they take home an enthusiasm and love of sewing, that’s really all we want,” Blevins-Russell said. “They soak it up like sponges.”