Fred’s approved for beer and wine sales

Published 9:53 am Tuesday, June 27, 2017

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

Fred’s in Park Plaza received unanimous approval for a beer and wine sale license from the Clanton City Council during the council’s June 26 meeting.

Mayor Billy Joe Driver asked if there would be a conflict with the city’s policy of not allowing alcoholic beverages on city property, since the city of Clanton owns the shopping center. The city’s attorney said it would not be a conflict. Fred’s rents the building from the city.

The City Council also unanimously approved moving forward with the bid process for a company to fix Fred’s roof. Driver said he expects the cost to be $65,000 or more.

Concerns about how an upgrade to the Coosa County 911 could impact the frequency used for Clanton Fire department dispatch was discussed. As a part of the upgrades, the Coosa County 911 is getting a new frequency number.

“Because the frequency numbers are so close, they are afraid that their frequency may interfere with ours,” Fire Chief David Driver said.

Coosa County 911 sent a letter to the Clanton Fire Chief stating that if there was any interference, then Coosa County would pay to fix the issue. The letter asked David Driver to sign and return it.

“The biggest concern I’ve got is if they drag their feet on correcting it, we may have to pay something upfront, if there is anything to be paid, and then get reimbursed,” David Driver said.

He said the frequencies might be fine, but there was no way to know.

“It might not cause any problems at all,” Driver said.

Dispatch for other emergency services in Clanton would not be impacted.

Driver asked the council for direction on whether to sign the letter. The City Council delayed a decision, so Driver could get more information on the situation. Driver said he would bring the letter to the next meeting.

The council also wanted to know specifically whether Coosa County 911 or the company setting up the frequency would pay for any repairs needed.

Other items approved during the meeting included:

— paying for a tractor and a side cutter for $121,000, three police cars for $78,400 and $2,400 for garbage pickup.

— renewing contract with the Middle Alabama Area Agency on Aging for the nutrition program for senior citizens. Billy Joe Driver said the city paid between $45,000 to $50,000 a year into the program. There were no changes to the contract from the previous year.

— looking for three on-call firefighters. David Driver said he would bring the names for the council for approval before they began work.

—waiving the YMCA of Chilton County business license. The organization has not had one in the past.