New parking lot for Jemison City Hall

Published 3:35 pm Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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The Jemison City Hall parking lot will receive an update after the City Council approved to reseal and restripe the lot during its meeting on Monday.

The project will take about three days to complete with the process beginning on July 2 and finishing July 4.

Taking advantage of the Fourth of July holiday was the Council’s reasoning behind the decision. As a result, July 3 will be the only regularly scheduled working day that City Hall will be closed.

A 24-hour cure time is required as the last step and will take place on July 4.

“Our parking lot is disappearing,” Jemison Mayor Eddie Reed said. “This is the only window that we have.”

The theme of repaving continued as the City Council discussed laying crushed asphalt to improve the deteriorating conditions of Melrose Place and Honeycutt Road on the way leading into the cemetery.

The crushed asphalt material is expected to last four to five years before signs of wear.

According to Reed, Honeycutt Road has been up for being paved for the past 10 years.

“It is almost impassable,” Reed said.

Negotiations are ongoing in the plans to repave Melrose Place and Honeycutt Road.

The Council also approved signs along County Road 51 to warn drivers prior to a curve in the road that has been the scene of past accidents.

Reed advised residents to “respect the curve” and that it can become quite dangerous if the posted speed limit is not being obeyed.

In other news from the meeting:

  • Councilman Robert Morris brought to the Council’s attention the possibility of trimming and performing cleanup efforts on Guy Street in front of the Dixie Youth Ballpark and concession stand.
  • There will not be a meeting of July 3. The next meeting will be July 17.
  • Approved a motion for the Jemison Police Department to declare surplus vehicles.
  • Approved the minutes from the June 5 meeting.
  • Approved payment of the bills.