Imagination sprouts during 4-H traveling program

Published 11:48 am Wednesday, June 7, 2017

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System Chilton County office is taking their educational programs on the road this summer through “Ready. Set. Grow with 4-H.”

The group’s first stop was in Clanton on June 6.

Pam Ousley of the Extension said many of the other locations will coincide with summer reading programs in the area.  The traveling program is similar to what the Extension office has offered at Maplesville’s summer reading program in previous years.

“We had a staff meeting and we talked about how we could reach more children that don’t always get a chance to come to the office for our programs, so we decided to try to travel to them,” Ousley said.

Extension Agent Gay West opened the event by reading a humorous, children’s book “Tops and Bottoms” about a vegetable garden.  Several of the children said they liked to eat vegetables.

Children then created plant people from grass seeds, potting soil, a nylon sock and craft supplies. Seeds were placed in the bottom of the nylon sock and then covered with potting soil. The sock was then tied closed and flipped over, so the seeds were at the top.

“Make it as personalized as you want to,” Extension Office intern Trevor Cofer said.

The plant people were placed in Styrofoam cups. Cofer told children to pour water into the cup when they got home and water the seeds.

“After it grows a couple of inches, you can actually cut his hair with scissors and it will keep growing,” Cofer said.

Cofer showed off his finished plant person, whose seed hair had just begun to sprout.

The project was adapted from the Junior Master Gardener program.

Many of the children liked his person’s pipe cleaner glasses and added this feature to their own. Feathers and googly eyes were also used to complete the face.

“They are having fun and learning about plants and growing seeds, and that’s what we want them to do is to know about how things grow that helps them later on to know where their food comes from,” West said

To find out when the 4-H roadshow will be in your town, contact the Extension Office at 205- 280-6268.