Chilton County growing at a steady rate

Published 12:42 pm Thursday, June 1, 2017

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By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

Population is slowly increasing in Chilton County.

According to the 2016 population estimates recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau, Chilton county has 43,941 people living in it. This is an increase of 298 people from the population in 2010 when the last census was taken.

Clanton’s population has risen to 8,846, which is an increase of 227 from the 2010 census and an increase of 30 from last year’s estimate.

“We are growing, but we are growing at a pace that we can keep up with,” Clanton Mayor Billy Joe Driver said.

He said several subdivisions that have been built were built outside the city limits, but the sales tax revenue for the city is increasing.

“I see things shaping up to be better than they have been. ” Driver said.

The Clanton mayor said he sees the new hospital as having a long-term positive impact on the area.

While he said it was hard to “nail down specifics” as to what is driving the steady growth, Driver said some people move to Clanton to get away from the big cities in the area.

Jemison’s population is now estimated to be 2,616. This is an increase of 31 from the 2010 Census.  Jemison mayor Eddie Reed said there are several homes being built in the city. New businesses are also setting up shop.

“I think the economy has bounced back from the downturn we experienced,” Reed said.

He said the city is on track to keep growing, based on the growth of businesses and the increase in the number of students attending Jemison schools.

“People are looking for new places to move and they are choosing Jemison,” Reed said.

Growth has already necessitated building a new fire station, which the city is expected to begin on soon. Reed said the city will need to find ways to offer additional services to its growing number of residents.

“We are grateful for the growth,” Reed said. ” We have to be ready for it.”

He said keeping the city beautiful is also important to growth.

The town of Thorsby has also seen an increase of an estimated 72 people from the 2010 Census numbers.

The Town of Maplesville has remained relatively constant at just above 700 people.

Areas of Chilton County that are outside any town or city limit have decreased in population slightly. Parts of Chilton County not in a city or town had a collective population of 29,655 in 2010 and have decreased to 29,621 in the 2016 estimate.