Church raising funds to repaint Last Supper mural

Published 9:41 am Friday, May 5, 2017


Through the Grace of God Ministries is raising funds to repaint a mural of The Last Supper at its outdoor sanctuary.

The mural is on the side of the old theater building on Second Avenue in Clanton. The church used the outdoor area for gatherings such as revivals, church services and Bible studies, until the mural became worn.

“It’s just a beautiful setting there and we’d like to be able to use it,” the Rev. Ralph Bingham said. “We don’t have the money to do it because we basically spend all our money feeding people all week.”

Bingham said the church is not using the space currently because of the shape it is in. The paint is peeling off the wall, and the faces of many of the disciples and Jesus are not visible.

“Whether we get it all paid for or not, if we could get some portion of it … we would be grateful,” Bingham said. “I’d like to have it done within a month and a half to two months.”

Bingham hopes to use the space for a block party as a sendoff for students before the new school year. He estimated the cost of the project to be $3,000.

The money would provide funds for the paint and purchase an awning over the mural after it is repainted to keep it from becoming weathered again. The church will contract the local artist who originally did the painting to redo it.