Isabella elementary families enjoy reading picnic

Published 11:18 am Monday, April 24, 2017

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

Family and friends enjoyed reading and lunch with Isabella elementary school students during the Family Reading Picnic.

The event was organized by the school’s new Parent Leadership Team.

“I just thought it would be a great opportunity for the parents to be involved with the kids,” team member Crystal Duckworth said.

She said the event served as a time for the students to show their parents what they had learned.

“I think the participation has been really good. The parents seem really excited about it, and the students do as well,” team member Valerie Porter said.

Assistant principal Sue Ellen Gilliland said the school has a goal this year to increase parental involvement.

Some classes were all reading the same book, while other classes were reading various books.

Rebekah Campbell said it was a good opportunity to spend time with her student Anna Johnson and “see how well she is doing in school.”

Johnson had chosen to read, “The Night Before First Grade” because she wanted to read a school-themed book.

Parent Bo Edwards said the picnic gave him special time with his daughter Alivia.

“It’s a good opportunity to spend some time with her alone. We have two other kids, so that is kind of rare,” Bo Edwards said.

Student Alivia Edwards had brought “The Cat in The Hat” along to read during the event. She said she enjoys Dr. Seuss because he is funny.

Parent Amada Sosa enjoyed the picnic will all of her children.

“I have three children and I always try to promote reading as much as possible,” Amanda Sosa said. “Ever since they were younger than two we read … I’m a big reader I even brought my own book today. ”

Her son Jake Sosa had brought a book about the planet Uranus. He said he enjoyed learning about the planet and how many moons it has.

Student Kaylie McGough chose “Billie B. Mystery: Strawberry Thief” to read during the picnic.

“I thought it was a good book,” McGough said.

The event also complements the leadership initiative the school is rolling out over the next year for elementary students.

“The students can do their student-led conferences and build parental involvement at the same time,” Gilliland said.

Each student showed off his or her data notebook, highlighting their progression toward proficiency goals in math and reading. Progression on Global Scholars, ACT Aspire practice, is also included in the notebook.

Student Blake Duckworth said the data notebook also shows how students scored at the beginning of the year and later in the year for comparison.

“It is so exciting. We have had phenomenal participation today,” Gilliland said.

She said nearly 80 percent of the parents who have students in elementary at Isabella participated in the event.

The school hopes to make the reading picnic an annual event.