Wendy’s set to reopen

Published 1:41 pm Wednesday, April 19, 2017

By JOYANNA LOVE/Senior Staff Writer

Wendy’s in Clanton is scheduled to reopen April 20, following repairs and upgrades made after a car crashed through the front window in October 2016.

The reopening was celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 19. A few technical issues still needed to be worked out before the restaurant could open.

In addition to fixing the structural damage caused by the crash, many interior upgrades were made to the dining area. A more modern style has been used for the seating area, complete with a flat screen TV and imitation fireplace.

General Manager Marzett Mckinnis said the more modern look had been “overdue,” and he was eager to have the dining room open to customers.

Area Supervisor David Flippo said the project took about a month to complete. The company had been working with the car owner’s insurance and the insurance company of the semi-truck involved in the initial crash in an effort to receive some payment for the damage.

Flippo said in the end the restaurant decided to move forward with repairs before having a final answer.

The upgrades and repairs totaled more than $300,000, according to Flippo. The initial damage had been about $75,000 worth.

The restaurant had remained open after the incident with a temporary wall put where the window used to be. The location was later closed for repairs.

Flippo said the collision served as an opportunity to change “some of the outdated things” in the Clanton location.