Commission posts administrator job

Published 5:43 pm Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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The Chilton County Commission adopted and approved the posting of the job position for the role of administrator.

The job will remain posted for 90 days at a salary of $80,000.

“I’m under the opinion that when you hire someone, you hire the best person possible,” Commissioner Steve Langston said. “You know where I stand.”

Langston motioned to add the co-chairman along with the chairman, as those who the administrator would report to. The idea was approved.

“We cannot afford to hire someone who’s not qualified,” Commissioner Joseph Parnell said. “It’s the public’s money.”

The Commission also set a salary for the next probate judge at $75,000 a year, as well as the requirements for the next sheriff.

Commissioner Joe Headley opposed each of the approved position modifications.

Headley made it clear that the only thing that he is not in agreement with is the amount of increase in pay.

The meeting began with the Commission receiving a road complaint from a member of the community that asked why some potholes on the edge of roads were filled while others were skipped over?

The current protocol from the insurance company dictates that the potholes the road department received calls about are top priority and the first to be serviced.

Chairman Allen Caton and Commissioner Jimmie Hardee both advised for residents to call in significant problems that are seen.

According to Hardee, reporting instances will go along way in making sure that the certain situations are handled more effectively.

“It’s frustrating as a commissioner when you hit those potholes as well,” Hardee said. “I can assure you that there isn’t a commissioner here that hasn’t received those [road] calls.”

In other news from the meeting, the Commission:

  • Approved First Baptist Church to continue using the pavilion at Lake Mitchell.
  • Granted permission for the road department to advertise to fill a truck driver position.
  • Approved to remove Kacy Handley, who is no longer with the Sherriff’s office, from part time status.
  • Approved the hiring of Kristen Binion, Jonathan Wright and Ryan Bice as part time corrections officers at an hourly rate of $10.
  • Approved the hiring of Hannah Machen as receptionist/clerk for the Commission office at an hourly rate of $12.
  • Approved Bill Pinson as a member of the Chilton County Department of Resources Board.
  • Approved Emily Hussey to serve a partial term on the Chilton/Clanton Public Library Board in place of Dick Whisner, who is unable to complete his term.