St. Vincent’s dedicates main lobby

Published 4:43 pm Monday, April 10, 2017

The lobby at St. Vincent’s Chilton was dedicated in recognition of Jim Wadsworth during a ceremony on Monday.

St. Vincent’s Chilton Administrator Suzannah Campbell, St. Vincent’s Foundation President Susan Sellers and major gifts officer Jennifer Philpot each said a few words and recited intercessions and prayers.

Wadsworth and Sellers combined to pull down a ceremonial curtain that unveiled a plaque donning Wadsworth’s name along the wall of the hospital’s main lobby.

Through Wadsworth’s generosity an endowed fund has been set up that will help provide toward the future needs of the hospital.

According to Campbell, 100 percent of all gifts and donations received through the fund will be directed back into the St. Vincent’s Chilton location.

“It shows his willingness to do more than what is expected,” Sellers said.

Wadsworth graduated from Auburn University and found a home in Clanton shortly after, where he founded Wadsworth Oil Company.

He was one of the hospital’s earliest backers and made the lead gift in the campaign for the facility.

“It [St. Vincent’s] has been a home run for Chilton County,” Wadsworth said. “I’m just proud to have a part in that.”

He credited the hospital staff for all the hard work and relentless effort that they put in on a daily basis.

“The people are what makes it all work,” Wadsworth said. “You want to support something that will have a long term benefit.”

According to Sellers, it is only fitting that the dedication ceremony took place at the start of Holy Week, which leads into Easter and remembers the events of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The timing coincides with St. Vincent’s mission as a catholic health ministry.

Those interested in providing a donation or looking for more information can visit the foundation online at or call St. Vincent’s Chilton at (205) 258-4400 and they will direct you.

“Hospitals and healthcare in general is very technology driven,” Campbell said. “The more we have to keep up with that technology, the better we can serve our patients. Things are always changing, so there is always a need.”