Humane society welcomes new board members

Published 11:06 am Friday, April 7, 2017

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

Two new board members, Jeff Melton and Amy Nichols, have joined the Chilton County Humane Society.

Both At-Large board members were unanimously approved during an April 6 meeting.

Melton, who also serves on the local United Way board, will help oversee needed maintenance of the facility and equipment. Even before being approved as a board member, Melton was influential in getting the Humane Society transport van fixed.

Nichols will focus on investigating complaints of animal cruelty. Board member Kristi Hyche gave the example of someone saying a dog was being left outside without provisions, saying Nichols would go to the location and see if the animal had food, water and shelter as defined in the state guidelines.

If these necessities are not present, Nichols would leave a letter for the owner.

“They have 24 hours to call the Humane Society and their animal is subject to seizure, then we would go to the Sheriff or whatever municipality it might be in and we would take [a copy] of the letter,” Hyche said.

If the owner does not contact the Humane Society within 24 hours, then the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in the area would respond to the incident.

Hyche said Nichols was a good fit for the position.

Under old business, Hyche and interim director Tonya Terreros are progressing in their euthanasia certification. Each has reached the observation stage where a local veterinarian is overseeing their work. Conversion of a back room into the euthanasia area was discussed during the meeting. The Humane Society plans to pursue donations for some of the items. The shelter plans to use an existing wall safe for the euthanasia drugs and use a safe Nichols offered to donate for holding what was previously stored in the wall safe.

The euthanasia rate at the shelter for the month of March was 13 percent. There were 132 animals transferred to rescue organizations and 25 were adopted. Total intake for the month was 197.

The Humane Society has signed an agreement with Hull& Russell to complete a financial audit of the organization for no more than $3,000. The audit will be completed sometime after tax season is over. In past interviews, Hyche and Reece have said the organization welcomes an audit, and it could help secure grants in the future.