Mother-to-be encounters tough times

Published 4:47 pm Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Leah Wyatt Baskin and her family have been going through some difficult times as of late, as Baskin has experienced serious health problems in the midst of being 21 weeks pregnant.

The family first experienced a scare about six weeks ago when a hemorrhage occurred and her baby was almost lost due to the unexpected situation.

A couple weeks after the incident, Baskin began complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath.

According to LeAnne Baker Smith, Baskin’s cousin, Baskin originally attributed the symptoms to having a child at a later age, 36 years old, but went to the doctor to have it checked.

Keyoda and Leah Baskin have been in a state of flux with Leah likely requiring surgery that could present added problems at 21 weeks pregnant. (Contributed photo)

Something obviously seemed out of place and she was referred to Heart South Cardiovascular in Alabaster on March 22.

It was found that she had a problem with her aortic valve, which allows for proper blood flow through the heart.

“She’s worked hard her entire life and is just a good person,” Smith said. “She is worried about losing everything.”

She has since been moved to UAB Hospital in the high-risk wing of the women’s and infant center for more tests.

The results from those tests are helping doctors to devise a plan of approach and surgery, with the most dangerous question remaining the welfare of the unborn child.

At 21 weeks, it is still too early in the process for the child to survive on its own.

“They know they can save her, but the baby is the concern,” Smith said. “We’ve all cried until we’re about cried out.”

Baskin graduated from Chilton County High School in 1999. She continues to live in Clanton along with her 15-year-old daughter Kailee and her husband Keyoda.

She worked nine years at the post office as a carrier, prior to her current job working for her father at Ellison Recycling.

Baskin’s brother has created a “go fund me” account to raise money to help Baskin and her family get through this tough time in their lives.

Those wishing to donate or learn more can visit

Smith asked for the community’s prayers and for everyone to keep the family in mind.

“The more people that are praying, the better chance she’s got,” Smith said.