CCA students bring reports to life

Published 11:10 am Monday, March 27, 2017

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By JOYANNA LOVE/Senior Staff Writer

Women of Faith came to life at Chilton Christian Academy as fifth graders turned their research projects into a wax museum-style display.

“I have an unusual class this year. I have nine girls, no boys,” teacher Patricia Hodges said. “They each did a research paper on a woman of faith. Then since they knew all about their person, we thought it would be fun to dress up as living wax people and do reports orally for the rest of the students.”

Students from other grades came through the display to hear about historic women like Fanny Crosby, Corrie Ten Boom and Amy Carmichael as well as more modern women like Joni Eareckson Tada.

Many of the women portrayed were missionaries to foreign lands in an era long before airlines and internet.

“It has been fun just to watch them come out of their shell as they learned their speeches,” Hodges said. “They’ve made me so proud.”

Student Brooke Hodges portrayed missionary to China Gladys Aylward.

“I enjoyed that I just get the experience to tell others about that women can do things too not just men,” Brooks said.

She described Aylward as “a very, godly lady.”

“She helped a lot of people and encouraged them to do the right thing,” Brooks said.

Student Adrianna Leach was dressed as missionary Isobel Khun. Leach said she enjoyed telling the other students about Khun.

Ten Boom was presented by Tristan Lyon.

Lyon learned new information about Ten Boom while preparing her report.

“I didn’t know that she helped the Jews that was very interesting to me. And, I didn’t know that she went to jail,” Lyon said.

Student Rachael Glasscock portrayed Mary Slessor, who was a missionary to Africa.

“I helped over a hundred twins. I helped the twins because people that I worked with believed that they were evil and would abandon them,” Glasscock as Slessor said.

Glasscock said it was “exciting” that Slessor was able to save these children’s lives.

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