Jemison passes pay scale policy for city employees

Published 2:10 pm Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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Jemison City Council passed an ordinance making pay scale changes for department heads, maintenance workers, the fire department and city hall’s front office workers.

The ordinance was brought on for immediate consideration and passed with a unanimous vote.

“This is the first time in the history of the city of Jemison that all departments of the city have fallen under a personnel policy guideline,” Mayor Eddie Reed said. “We will have a unified ordinance covering every department in the city of Jemison.”

The city’s employees will have a pay system that increases in steps based on the position and years worked. Previously, job descriptions existed for all the positions, but there was no ordinance to set a pay scale for every position. Only the police and fire department had implemented a pay scale, according to Reed.

Reed thanked the taskforce that created the ordinance for their thoroughness in planning and budgeting the changes.

“All of it is designed to get qualified workers to do the job that our citizens expect us to do,” Reed said.

The mayor commended city maintenance workers for continuing their work with a smaller staff. He also praised the police for protecting the city and hosting the Citizens Academy.

Reed noted the work of all city employees in a time of change for the city.

“Cities and municipalities are changing now. There are so many governmental restrictions that are coming down to us from ADEM [Alabama Department of Environmental Management] and EPA,” Reed said. “I’m seeing some things for the first time myself, and they’re requiring us to be in compliance. And we want to be in compliance. The city has nothing to hide, but everything to gain by doing things the right way.”

In other news:

The council passed an ordinance concerning permits for buildings. Permits will be required for general contractors, excavation, demolition, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and signage. The permit fees will be based on the work being performed in the respective category.

A planning commission was formed with the following members: Willie McGee, Hershal Peoples, Sandy Pate, Willie Nunn, George Brasher, Rex Bittle, John Dennis and Chris Millard.

Derric Scott of the Chilton County Historical Society came before the council to notify them of his intention to form a committee for the celebration of Chilton County’s 150th anniversary in 2018.