Cooper Cousins Heritage Day to celebrate community

Published 3:18 pm Friday, March 10, 2017

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

A celebration of heritage and friendship is coming to Chestnut Creek Heritage Chapel.

Cooper Cousins Heritage Day will be held April 8 at 10:30 a.m.

The Heritage Day was inspired by the reunions held by descendants of those buried in the adjoining cemetery. It was one of these reunions that led to the formation of a group to preserve the former Chestnut Creek Baptist Church.

Today, the former church is known as Chestnut Creek Heritage Chapel, and one does not need to be a Cooper cousin in order to attend the festivities.

Ola Taylor of the organizing committee said the free event is similar to an “old-fashioned homecoming.”

“It’s a celebration for the whole community,” Taylor said.

The event will begin with a group photo to commemorate this third Heritage Day gathering.

Gospel music group Sounds of Faith as well as Georgia and Mike Dyer will perform.

Taylor said both groups have performed at the chapel previously, and the audience liked them.

As in years past, food will be available from Lazy Boy BBQ’s food cart after the performance. Taylor said tickets for the food need to be reserved ahead of time.

“The plate tickets will be $10 each like last year, choice of pork or chicken and two sides,” Taylor said.

The deadline to pre-order is April 5.

She said having food after the performance encourages attendees to stay afterward and talk.

“One thing I especially enjoy about this annual event is the fact that it gives people in the community an opportunity to spend time together, to renew friendships,” Taylor said.

Horse and wagon rides will also be available.

Chestnut Creek Heritage Chapel is located at 11975 County Road 24 in


To pre-order lunch or for more information contact: Taylor at 205-217-9466,

Denise Scarbrough at 205-389-5364 or Pam Persons 205-358-6206.