Jemison City Park upgrades softball field

Published 3:23 pm Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Jemison renovated the softball field in the city park for Jemison Middle School to use during its season.

“It was all grass. They’ve got it all fixed up … the whole nine yards,” softball coach Rachel Eggers said.

The field has been scraped, fresh lines have been painted, a temporary fence has been installed, new bases were added and a scoreboard donated by Pepsi is on the way.

Now the girls’ softball team has a place to play with pride. They can know they contributed to the improvements as well.

According to Eggers, the girls on the team each had to find a $100 sponsorship in the community. The team put about $1,000 towards the renovations.

The city acknowledged the need and found a majority of the funding. Jemison used $5,000 of Cawaco grant funding towards the project. Cawaco focuses on helping agencies and groups throughout the state improve social, economic, community and environmental assets.

“It’s greatly appreciated. Before, we didn’t have our own place to practice. Now, we have our own place to play games, so we’re not having to go out and try to find somewhere to play or having to borrow someone’s field. Now we have a field of our own, which means a lot to me and the girls,” Eggers said.