First GED earned through Kelsey’s Place

Published 11:38 am Thursday, March 2, 2017


Kelsey’s Place has seen its first GED recipient through its testing services.

The local organization recently started offering GED testing in addition to its test preparation and job searching services.

Christie Warrick was the first to receive her GED through the nonprofit’s services.

“The process is pretty simple, it’s easy,” Warrick said. “They pretty well handle everything for you … so you can focus fully on the test. The service is great.”

Warrick is considering furthering her education to become a physical therapist or veterinary techinician.

“People should really get out there and do it, if you haven’t already … it’s really a lot easier than people think,” Warrick said.

Brian Hicks is also pursuing a GED at Kelsey’s Place.

“Betty [Tidwell] and them helped me go over my notes, organize them through timelines and make sure I knew what I needed to know to be ready for the test,” Hicks said. “It’s a really good place. People should try it and see how they like it.”

Hicks began studying for the test in 2014. He was relieved when Kelsey’s Place started offering the test locally.

“Usually, I’d have to be up at seven and drive to Calera and back,” Hicks said. “I found out they started giving it here in Clanton and … that would actually help me out on gas and time.”

Hicks took part of the test at Kelsey’s Place on Jan. 27 and got his results 45 minutes later. He passed part of the test, but still has one section to go. Once he obtains his GED, he plans to start down a new career path.

“I’m thinking of getting a welding job,” Hicks said. “Like most people say, if you like the job you don’t realize the time. You’re having fun so the time will fly.”

GED tests are administered every Friday at Kelsey’s Place. For more information, visit the organization’s Facebook page or call 205-755-7101.