CCHS students practice interview skills

Published 11:41 am Thursday, March 2, 2017

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

CLANTON — Chilton County High School students experienced what a job interview is like as part of interviews in their Career Preparedness class on March 1.

Teacher Kayla Cantley said the interviews are held every year after the class has explored different jobs and career options.

“I feel like it really prepares them for an actual job interview. We talk about confidence, conduct in an interview. We talk about how to answer questions professionally, and how to dress and give great first impressions,” Cantley said.

Cantley said she has gotten feedback from former students saying they were not as nervous

for their first job interview because of the in-class interview.

Kelli Inman’s class also participated in the mock interviews.

Students prepared by reviewing sample interview questions and practicing with each other.

“I was kind of nervous and I was just hoping for the best,” freshman Sarah Beth Huntley said.

Huntley said studying the questions ahead of time let her develop answers before the interview.

“I thought it was good because it helps prepare us for the future,” Huntley said. “One day when I actually am in a job interview, I’ll be able to think back on this, and know exactly what I need to do.”

Freshman Jerry Lee felt nervous, but prepared going into the interview. He said he had good answers for each of the interview questions.

Each interview began with the student telling the interviewer a little about themselves. Students were asked about goals, career dreams, their greatness weakness, their role models and a person from history they would most like to meet. Lee said answering the question about his greatest weaknesses was the most difficult. Dakota Rabru said it was difficult for him to answer when asked to give three words to describe himself.

“It gave me the opportunity to see what a real interview would be like and to practice, so I can hopefully get the job that I really want,” freshman Maddie Henley said.

Jada Neal said she felt nervous at first but felt better further into the interview. She said the exercise “prepared me to be more confident in that I will know what to say next time.”

Rabru said he relaxed midway through the interview because he knew the person that was interviewing him. He said it showed him that an interview is not something to “be too scared about.”

Students also received feedback from those interviewing them.

“She [interviewer Kim Benson] told me I answered the questions really well, and that I just need to smile more and be more personable,” Huntley said.

Benson emphasized smiling.

“It shows that you are confident in yourself and it shows that you are very personable,” Benson said.

Interviewers also encouraged the students to turn their negative into a positive or highlight how they are working on becoming better in this area during an interview. They also commented on the students posture and poise throughout the interview.

Karli Tilley said her interviewer helped her feel at ease and it “went smoothly.”

She said she felt the class had prepared her well for the practice interview.

“I think being prepared for this interview helps me to be prepared for many interviews that I am hoping … [to have] for my jobs in the future,” Tilley said.