County explores bulk fuel options

Published 5:32 pm Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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After the County Commission sent out seven bids to provide bulk fuel for all departments except the road department, one came back at 12 cents per gallon through Thomas Oil.

Leading the discussion was Commissioner Joseph Parnell who stated that he would like somebody to talk to Fred Headley, due to his locations in Jemison and Maplesville.

“I’d love to do business with them [Thomas Oil], but we need options,” Parnell said.

The primary concern for Parnell was to have stations spread out throughout the county. That would eliminate officers having to drive to Clanton for gas when receiving a call in Maplesville.

Parnell made a resolution to acknowledge receipt of the bid for bulk fuel. The Commission will reach out to Headley, who was not one of the seven prior bids that were solicited.

The Commission also passed a resolution for a 50/50 split between the jail and the striping of roads from the proceeds of the liability longevity bonus worth about $13,000 apiece.

According to Chilton County Sheriff John Shearon, the money should be able to get everybody outfitted with new protective vests, both external and internal. Most vests are good for five years, and the department has had the current batch well over the recommended time.

Toward the end of the meeting Commissioner Allen Caton stated that county has made some advances over the years, but the progress has been stymied over the past four months.

“As the chairman, I take blame,” Caton said.

He promised that his full focus over the upcoming months will be on shifting back toward moving forward as a whole.

Parnell was quick to not allow Caton to take the entire blame and raised several factors that played a roll in the recent developments, such as having to replace both the county attorney and administrator.

“I hope the county is patient with us,” Langston said. “The biggest adjustment has been the work sessions. Those are going to be an asset to us and the county.”

In other news from the meeting, the Commission:

  • Tray Barfield and Allen Smitherman of the Sheriff’s Office received certificates in safety training.
  • Approved permission to County Engineer Tony Wearren to buy a side cutter assembly off the NJPA bid list. It will be installed on a current permanent tractor and will cost $54,507.
  • Granted Chilton County Transit permission to advertise to hire an additional part time driver.
  • Approved a resolution to allow the county to enter an agreement with ALDOT for construction of the County Road 478 Bridge. The bridge was let to contract on Feb. 24 and will be paid fully by the state with no county match required.
  • Approved a resolution to re-appoint Harry Benson to the Board of Directors of Chilton Water Authority. His term will expire on March 12. Parnell made a resolution to open up and take nominations for the Water Board vacancy.
  • Approved a resolution to go into agreement with Peoples Southern Bank to authorize the purpose of acquiring vehicles.