Billingsley lineman signs college offer

Published 4:43 pm Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Webb Dobbins fought back from injury to play his senior season and capped it off with a scholarship to play football at Culver-Stockton College in Canton, Mo. during a ceremony on Feb. 1.

Dobbins began playing football when he was about six years old and found a home along the offensive line, after playing both sides of the ball early in his high school career.

He provided a reliable presence, as Billingsley’s starting center, but can also move over and play guard.

“When you’re playing center, you have to know a little more about what the defense is showing in order to let your offensive line and quarterback know where the pressure is coming from,” Dobbins said.

One of the more memorable personal moments for Dobbins was when he tore his meniscus during his junior year and the hard work that went into the recovery process.

“It made me realize a lot of things about who I am today,” Dobbins said.

According to Dobbins, he embraced the rehab and used it as motivation to work even harder to get back on the field for his senior season.

After some down years, a new coaching staff is in place to lead the Culver-Stockton football program with the mindset of restoring it to a championship level.

The opportunity to help revitalize the football program was enticing for Dobbins and a goal that he looks forward to working towards as soon as he steps on campus.

Run blocking is considered a strength of Dobbins’ game, while he has worked throughout the years on improving reading the defense in pass protection.

“I love getting down low and getting physical in the running game,” Dobbins said.

He first realized that he had a chance to possibly continue playing at the next level during his freshman year of high school.

“To be successful as an offensive lineman, you’ve got to have the mindset that your not going to get written up in the paper very often,” Dobbins said. “You know you have a job and you have to just go out and get it done. I don’t like a lot of attention on me, and that’s why it’s a good fit.”

Dobbins thanked God, his family and all the coaches that he has had over the years for helping get him to this point.

“There are certain positions on the team that need to be a leader,” Billingsley head coach Tyson McLean said. “He has done a great job of holding the other guys accountable.”

He also credited Barry Baker, who he worked out with over the past couple of summers to help build strength.

“You’ve got to have the size that he has to be that middle guy that anchors everything,” McLean said. “His intelligence on the field helps him out a lot. I think he’ll pickup real quickly on the playbook in college.”