Update: Victim in train accident was deaf

Published 1:20 pm Thursday, February 9, 2017


Authorities have identified the victim of a Feb. 1 train accident in Clanton.

Danny Reeves, age 62, was struck dead by a train on Second Avenue.

According to Clanton police, Reeves was deaf. They believe he did not see or hear the train coming when he started to cross the tracks.

The investigation is ongoing and CSX Corporation is the lead investigating agency.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, approximately 500 deaths occur each year as a result of pedestrians being on the railroad tracks at the wrong time.

According to the FRA, “a vast majority of these deaths are preventable.” The FRA has issued public safety tips concerning railways.

These include always expecting a train, crossing the tracks only at approved crossings, not attempting to “beat” a train at a crossing and not walking along tracks.