Jemison High art program receives grants

Published 2:45 pm Monday, February 6, 2017

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Jemison High School received two grants for its art program on Feb. 3.

Susie Timothy’s art class received a Power to Play art grant of $2,500 from Alabama Power and a PEECh grant of $778.50 for her “Printing Art Using a Printing Press” project.

Timothy’s art class is the second in Chilton County’s high schools and the first in 15 years at Jemison High, according to Principal Diane Calloway. Timothy is excited to use the funds for more materials in the class.

“I could tell she [Timothy] had the passion for this,” Calloway said. “We’ve got some very talented kids.”

The students’ art was on display on Feb. 3 as the check was presented. A collection of hearts colored on small tiles in abstract and original ways covered the wall opposite the school’s main office.

Timothy explained that the students were currently working on one-dimensional art and would soon move on to two and three-dimensional studies.

Much of the art made in Timothy’s class is done with recycled materials. When the class first started there was very little funding, according to Timothy.

“I try to recycle and get kids to focus on … looking to whatever’s available,” Timothy said.

According to Timothy, many students are afraid to show their work to others. She works to get students to a state of mind in which they are comfortable with creating things for other people to see.

Art is difficult to grade due to its subjective nature, according to Timothy. However, the art class is not an easy way out of work.

Timothy said she grades students based on their effort in the class. If it becomes obvious to her that a student has quit trying, it will be reflected by their grade.

Timothy hopes to add a second class to the art curriculum next year at JHS.