Locals attended Presidential Inauguration

Published 2:12 pm Monday, January 30, 2017


Only a small percentage of the nation was able to attend the inauguration in person, but locals Yolanda Boggs and Vickey Grooms made the trip to see President Donald Trump take his Oath of Office.

“We met several awesome people there,” Boggs said. “It was absolutely worth every minute and every mile we walked.”

On the day of the inauguration, Boggs said she and Grooms were able to see everything well from their position. There were large screens that gave them a better view, but Boggs said she could physically see the ceremony as well.

The two arrived on Jan. 18 and saw a conference room dedicated to Clanton native Hugh Bates, who served as president of the National Association of Postmasters of the United States.

Then on Thursday, they visited the Pentagon, saw the wreath ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, saw Trump speak at a concert and went to the reception held by Congressman Gary Palmer.

Friday, the duo attended the inauguration and the parade that followed.

“The whole time we were there … no matter where we went or what we were doing, [only] one person used language that wasn’t appropriate in a crowd,” Boggs said.

She said the man apologized for getting carried away and stayed for the ceremony.

Boggs also met a man who inspired her with his enthusiasm for the proceedings. According to Boggs, he was at the concert on Thursday and said he was from South Korea.

“He said, ‘Americans do not know what freedom is. I am here for the celebration,’” Boggs said.

Boggs remembered her family’s involvement in the military and enjoyed the patriotism and military presence at the events.

“This trip … was pride in my country and a wake up that freedom is not free,” Boggs said.

Maplesville native and college student Coley Freeman attended the inauguration with his mother Amy Freeman.

“The inauguration has certainly solidified my aspirations to one day join the political world,” Freeman wrote in an email. “For my mother, the fact that she would have to stop and remind herself that she was actually looking at the United States capitol in person, or seeing all four living former presidents in one place, along with President Trump, really shows what an overwhelming experience this was for both of us.”