Embracing Creativity in 2017

Published 8:56 am Tuesday, December 27, 2016

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

As thoughts turn to the new year, many will be making New Year’s Resolutions.

Maria Hosmer of Chilton County Arts Council offers tips for those who want to take on art as a hobby in the coming year. The two most important aspects, according to Hosmer, are investing the amount of time needed and losing the fear of art.

“We as adults, try to do it so perfect to please everyone when we are doing something,” Hosmer said.

Sometimes this can be a hurdle to creativity. Hosmer said some attempts will not turn out the way the person wanted, “but the time you invest in that project is what really takes you somewhere.”

“People don’t realize that art is everywhere, and some people don’t give a real value to art,” Hosmer said.

Appreciating the artistic design behind a favorite logo or design can help a person develop an eye for art.

Hosmer said a good way to begin exploring and practicing visual art is through drawing.

“I would start drawing, copying things, seeing things … and putting things on the paper and don’t erase until you have to,” Hosmer said.

She suggested those first starting out purchase a set of artistic drawing pencils and drawing paper.

She said creating a work of art others will appreciate is not the goal as much as the experience.

Hosmer said there is actually a lot of mathematic concepts in art, such as “how you divide your paper, the proportion of your paper.”

She said whatever is created is a process that was seen to completion and is something one can be proud of.

Hosmer also teaches an art class for children at the Chilton County YMCA.

The fact that good art takes patience and time is something she incorporates into her art classes at the YMCA.

“You have to invest some time into it. Then you will realize what you have accomplished in the process,” Hosmer said.

While Hosmer does not do a lot of drawing now, she did while she was in college when she studied advertising arts (similar to graphic design).

“I learned the old-fashioned way,” Hosmer said, referencing that she earned her degree before everything was done on computers.

Her favorite art medium is watercolors.

“It’s not easy but I like watercolors. It’s less messy … it’s fast because you can finish something in a day,” Hosmer said.

However, she said it is easier to correct mistakes when painting with acrylic.

The Arts Council is considering art classes for adults sometime in the future. Hosmer said contacting the art council was a good way for a beginning artist to be able to connected with an experienced artist. She said artists have always benefitted from being together and discussing ideas.

“They learn from others,” Hosmer said.