Clanton police work during holidays, get time at home

Published 11:23 am Wednesday, December 21, 2016



The Clanton Police Department will protect the city while it celebrates Christmas.

A group of officers will remain on duty and handle calls throughout the holiday weekend.

The city gave workers in the CPD holidays for Thursday, Friday and Monday. Some will be able to take this time during the holiday, and others will take it later if they work those shifts.

According to Captain Neil Fetner, the officers who do work the holidays will not necessarily miss their family’s Christmas events.

“We have a very relaxed policy for our guys on holidays,” said Fetner. “Christmas is a special time.”

Officers will be allowed to be home some during the day, provided they handle calls and fulfill their duties. According to Fetner, officers often go home to be with their children around the Christmas tree or stop by their home for a family meal during the day.

“We’re hoping for an uneventful holiday season and we hope everyone stays safe,” said Fetner. “We would like to remind everyone during New Year’s that if they drink they should use a designated driver. If you have a party, consider having it somewhere everyone can … take a nap before they leave.”

The department extended thanks to Butterfly Bridge for dropping off a gift basket and for recognizing the CPD during the holidays.