Maplesville police receiving new cars

Published 9:41 am Wednesday, December 14, 2016

By JOYANNA LOVE/Senior Staff Writer

Maplesville Police Department will have two new patrol cars in January.

Chief Todd Ingram told the Maplesville City Council Monday that the cars, which had been ordered a couple of months ago, would be in by the first of the year.

The vehicles will then have to be taken to Emergency Lighting in Montgomery to be “outfitted as a patrol car,” town clerk Dawn Smitherman said.

The two Dodge Chargers were approved for purchase in October and are replacing vehicles for the department. One car had been totaled in the line of duty, while the other had extensive mileage.

Personnel is also being added to the department through reserve officers. Max Taverniti has joined the MPD as a reserve officer. Reserve officers are unpaid volunteers that accompany certified officers when available to provide two people per car. Officer Josh Hubbard compared the position to a volunteer fireman, but with some additional state restrictions as to what the reserve officer can and cannot do. Hubbard said the department provides some equipment, such as the uniform.  Reserves are used a couple times a week. Three reserve officers and a volunteer chaplain serve with the department. Applications are being accepted at city hall for two additional reserve positions.

During Monday’s meeting, Council member Shelia Hall said some of the 911 dispatch calls were not going out correctly to the police department’s radios.

Mayor W. C. Hayes, Jr., who is a member of the 911 Board, said he would make them aware of the issue.

The Council once again delayed moving forward with converting the former Brown Brothers lot to a parking lot. The town expects to receive a second bid in time for the January meeting. Hayes said he would be talking to the second company Tuesday.

The Maplesville Town Council approved rescheduling its January meeting to Jan. 23 at 6 p.m., so as not to conflict with the National Championship Game.