Clanton has slight increase in theft

Published 2:20 pm Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Reported thefts in Clanton are up by about eight percent during the first week of December.

According to, the Clanton Police Department responded to 15 thefts during the week from Nov. 29 to Dec. 6.

Thefts accounted for 35 percent of all reported crime during that time. Compared to the first week of November, in which thefts accounted for 27 percent of crimes, this is an eight percent increase of theft.

Authorities have protocols to respond to this expected rise in theft, according to Captain Neil Fetner of the CPD.

“We do see theft increase slightly from mid-November through the first of the year,” Fetner said. “It’s indicative of the Christmas season. This is not something that is confined to Clanton.”

According to Fetner, more officers will be in the field and special measures will be taken to guard against theft.

Common holiday activities such as Christmas shopping and leaving the house for extended periods of time can present opportunities to would-be thieves, but Fetner said there are simple things people can do as safeguards during the holidays.

“I always recommend to never leave valuables in a car in plain view,” Fetner said. “Also, if you’re going out of town, put a hold on your mail at the post office. You can set your lights if you have a timer to come on at certain times to make it appear someone is home.”

The CPD also urges citizens to buckle up when travelling and get a designated driver if drinking.

“We want people to be safe this holiday season,” Fetner said.