Library upgrades to LED lights

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, November 23, 2016

By JOYANNA LOVE/Senior Staff Writer

CLANTON — The Clanton/Chilton Public Library has marked a milestone in its renovation goals with the installation of LED bulbs throughout the building.

The project cost $10,000 and replaced 350 bulbs in the existing light fixtures.

Director Kelly Easterling said the money had been allocated in the budget in previous years, but the library wanted to wait to complete the conversion when it would not put a strain on the operating budget. The library was able to carry the money over in its general fund from year to year.

“We are completely LED, every light in here is LED,” Easterling said.

Before the change, Easterling said there was “poor visibility” when walking amongst the shelves.

“I know some of my staff would have to put on their reading glasses to put up the books in the previous light, now they don’t have to. It is just a huge plus to us,” Easterling said.

The bulbs replaced the florescent lighting throughout the library.

“It was dark. We didn’t really notice it until they started working in sections,” Easterling said.

The change in lighting will also bring a cost savings in library operations because LED bulbs use less energy than florescent bulbs. Easterling said the bulbs will use an estimated 80 percent less energy than the florescent bulbs did. He said he is curious to see what the exact savings will be.

“We are slowly doing some different things. We had the conference room redone that was a few years ago. We had the new roof put on that was about five years ago,” Easterling said.

Other projects have included painting and enhancements to the patio area.

Next on the list of enhancements to the structure is outdoor lighting for the library sign.

A new light fixture will also be installed above the circulation desk.

The library receives the majority of its funding from the city of Clanton with additional funds coming from Chilton County and the state.