Georgia man took spice, attempted burglary

Published 10:55 am Tuesday, November 15, 2016

By Steven Calhoun/Staff Writer

Clanton police apprehended a man on Monday, Nov. 7 around 6 p.m. after he took drugs, attempted to burglarize houses and barricaded himself inside the Chilton County Baptist Association.

The man reportedly got up during the middle of a family dinner and left the house. The family called the police, and shortly after that, multiple citizens called in with news of a man attempting to break into houses and businesses on Highway 22.

Officers responded and found the man by following the trail he left. There were shoeprints on the door of a house he tried to break into by kicking the door down. The man’s shoes were found in the street, and police discovered he was in the Baptist Association.

The man had locked himself inside one of the rooms of the building. Officers contacted the key-holders and were able to enter the building, where they found the man in an intoxicated state.

According to responders, the man did not respond to conversation and was clearly under the influence of a mind-altering drug. He was sent to St. Vincent’s in Clanton to be medically evaluated.

“It was so much better now, having the hospital here in the city,” Captain Neil Fetner said. “They took him out there and took care of him and he was transported later that evening to a hospital in Birmingham.”

The suspect, Michael Eugene Johnson, has an address listed in Clarkston, Georgia, and was reportedly visiting family. While under medical care, he admitted to taking spice.

Johnson was released on medical bond and will appear in court to answer for two misdemeanors and a violation. The charges against him are for criminal trespass, attempted burglary and public intoxication.