Animal issues becoming a trend at Commission meetings

Published 3:29 pm Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Katherine Reece spoke to the Chilton County Commission on behalf of the Humane Society during one of the Commission’s monthly meetings on Monday.

She brought up the issue of funding and asked the Commission to consider an increase.

Reece used the example of a recent case in which nine two-day old puppies were dropped off in a mop bucket on the side of the road.

“It makes it difficult to function as a Humane Society when you don’t have enough funds,” Reece said.

Reece proposed increasing certain courthouse fees in order to generate the additional funding needed.

She stated that she understands that the Commission is doing all that they can, but also urged them to do more due to the fact that they are looking into the issue of animal control.

This was the second consecutive Commission meeting that the issue of animal control was talked about, after Allen Foster shared his story of being attacked by three dogs while jogging in Jemison during the Aug. 8 meeting.

“Eventually we’ll have to get animal control in the county,” Reece said.

Commission chairman Allen Caton acknowledged the issue and informed Reece that the Commission is currently in the process of budget hearings.

Commissioner Shannon Welch advised Reece to bring it back up once the next Commission gets in place, as they would be the ones making the final decision.

In other news from the meeting, the Commission:

•Approved alcohol licenses to Ye Olde H&M General Store in Verbena and T&N Bait Shop in Clanton. Commissioner Heedy Hayes opposed both approvals.

•Granted county engineer Tony Wearren permission to advertise and hire a mechanic to fill a position vacated by Mike McIntosh.

•Appointed Patsy Leach as the new Chilton County Water Board member.

•Approved the reclassification of five Sheriff’s Office employees and the addition of Justin Smitherman.

•Granted EMA director Derrick Wright permission to apply for a homeland security grant.

•Approved Peach Tower Industrial Park as the official name of the industrial park moving forward.