Clanton City Council approves bids

Published 1:14 pm Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The Clanton City Council met Sept. 12 to discuss the city’s annual bids and conduct other business. The lowest bids were accepted for the city’s tires, gas, diesel fuel, dumpsters, hauling and stone. The low bid for gas was W. H. Thomas Oil Co. for six cents over rack price. The low bid for dumpsters was Lewis Steel Works for $895 a dumpster. The low bid for diesel fuel was to W. H. Thomas Oil Co. for six cents over rack price. The low bid for tires was Bo-Mart Tire & Service at $22,513 for the total of all tires quoted. The low bid for rock was Dunn Construction Co. at $38 total price per ton for all rock types combined. The low bid for hauling of rock was Chilton Contractors at $14.70 per ton. The low bid for concrete was Shelby Concrete at $96 per yard plus a fee of $6 per yard to add fibers.

Three bills were approved to be paid: one for work on a West End sewer at a cost of $59,000; one for garbage trucks, which totaled $15,000; and one for a limb loader, which cost $146,000. Greg Dejarnett was not present for the council meeting.

In other business:

  • A quote for the 2016 audit was approved.
  • The council tabled for discussion for the first time a restaurant liquor license for Brian’s Texas Steakhouse, which will be located at 200 Town Mart in Clanton. No action was taken.
  • The 2015 International Building Code was approved. Ordinance 4-16 was adopted. This covers Clanton with the 2015 building, residential, mechanical, electric, plumbing, fuel and gas, fire, property maintenance, and existing-building codes.
  • City employee Tommy Austin was approved for a month’s leave to recover from surgery.
  • Senior Connection requested a renewal of the lease on their building. Fifteen years were added to the lease. There was a discussion about rephrasing the document so that in the future the council would have the ability to veto an event that the city did not approve of. This amendment was not made, and the document was approved as-is.
  • The council heard from Kat Reece of the humane society. She requested more funds for the shelter. The council will further discuss this possibility with her upon seeing financial statements from the shelter.
  • The Clanton Police Department brought to the council’s attention a possible grant the department is pursuing from the Department of Homeland Security. The grant would improve the security of the Clanton Police Department. Captain Neil Fetner was approved for a trip to the White House to take part in a 21st Century Community Policing summit.