Jemison runs with it after half

Published 11:29 pm Friday, September 2, 2016

Eric Evans (No. 1) breaks through the line of scrimmage on a run. (Photo by Steven Calhoun)

Eric Evans (No. 1) breaks through the line of scrimmage on a run. (Photo by Steven Calhoun)


Jemison defeated Billingsley with a final score of 48-26.

Both teams fought hard during the first half, which started with a five minute scoring drive led by Jemison quarterback Eric Evans. Evans ran in a 17-yard touchdown.

Jemison then kicked off and recovered its own kick on the 49-yard line with 6:28 left in the first quarter.

After a three-and-out by Jemison, Billingsley began a drive in the pouring rain and scored on a sweep to the right side by quarterback James Woods. The Bears went for two and did not convert, leaving Jemison with a slight lead at 7-6.

At the start of the second quarter, Evans ran the ball twice for Jemison, resulting in a touchdown with 10:19 left in the half.

Billingsley answered with a run by Malik Callens, landing the team on the 33-yard line. Woods aired the ball out for a touchdown with 9:39 left on the clock, putting the teams neck and neck, with Jemison leading 13-12.

A long drive by Jemison followed, with many of the touches going to Evans, who ran hard up the middle. The drive ended with a touchdown by Evans and a two-point conversion, putting the Panthers ahead 21-12.

With 2:56 left on the clock, the Panthers recovered another of their own kickoffs, but could not capitalize and had to punt.

Carlton McCary for Billingsley returned the punt for more than 60 yards to score, bringing the game close at the end of the half with Jemison leading 21-20.

After the half, Jemison would score four unanswered touchdowns. Two touchdown drives were the result of interceptions, and another drive was after a third recovered kickoff. The first interception was made by Ty Leachman, the second by Austin Moore.

Billingsley finally answered with a touchdown with 1:03 remaining. Larry Starks ran in the final score of the game, bringing the showdown to a close at 48-26.

Coach Clements spoke highly of Evans and the team’s front five.

“When they’re blocking for him, he’s tough to tackle,” said Jemison head coach Clements. Evans agreed, and said the whole team did an excellent job.

“I think we’ve got the best line in the state,” said Evans.