United Way sets campaign goal

Published 2:07 pm Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Aug. 23: Chilton County United Way board members stand with the revealed goal for the 2017 campaign.(Photo by Steven Calhoun)

United Way board members with the revealed goal. From left: Curtis Smith, Bettye Kendrick, Ana Carter, Bobby Martin, Yolanda Boggs, Mary Mell Smith, Jeff Melton, Sheila Haigler, Christy Foshee(Photo by Steven Calhoun)


The Chilton County United Way held its kickoff luncheon on Aug. 23 at the Alabama Power Convention Center. It revealed its goal for the 2017 campaign to be $175,000.

The campaign will launch in September and will be supported by multiple fundraisers and events. The majority of the fundraising done by the Chilton County United Way is volunteer work.

“I have one paid employee,” said Yolanda Boggs, Chairperson of the Chilton County United Way Board. “The rest of everything we do are volunteers.”

The United Way supports 22 local agencies, many of which were represented at the luncheon and had the chance to hear from groups that have benefitted from the United Way. The luncheon was meant to inspire and excite attendees about the upcoming campaign.

The campaign already has some events lined up, among them a gospel singing, a cake auction and an organized bike ride. They are open to new ideas as well.

“If anybody has a way that they think Chilton County United Way can solicit funds, we look forward to it,” said Boggs. She said they accept ideas from the community for fundraisers and look forward to overcoming fundraising challenges this year.

The campaign will start making appointments for visits to businesses around the county starting in September. Representatives will talk to employees about the opportunity to donate by way of payroll deductions. Boggs said this is the preferred way to donate.

The pledge card that employees will receive has a box to check that reads: “This is my fair share.” There is a formula for calculating this amount: 12 times a worker’s hourly rate. This equates to one hour’s earnings a month that someone would donate to the United Way.

For more information about the Chilton County United Way, call (205)755-5875.